Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Tomorrow is the last day of 2010.
Haven't decide how to celebrate yet.
Should be staying at home again..

Last Friday celebrated Christmas at home.
We had barbecue and I ate a lot of food.
Hmm I think I need to silm down before I get back to Melbourne.

This few days got nothing much to do.
Days are getting slower.
Maybe days here are lesser.
Woke up early this few days but there's nothing I could do.
Tidy up my room but it's way too hard to tidy.
There's too much things to pack up.

Next up,need to look at past year test paper.
Need to review and learn.
As this half year,my results are getting bad.
Need to work hard and get better results for year 11.
Maybe as a news that I got in to St. Micheals seems very good but for me is actually quite stress.
I am scare that I can't get good results in St. Michaels.
Scare that I can't get use to the place.
Scare that I can't catch up school work.
There is way too much stress and things to think about.

Well,whatever it is days goes on.
So solve problems that comes along.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sorry for not updating my blog!!
Alright first of all,it's nearly towards the end of year.
I have been in Melbourne for a year.
Everything seems great I think.
Work hard,Play hard and Study hard.
I will be in Year 11 and in new school!!!
St. Michael's Grammar,hmm,my dream school?I am not sure too.
Well need to work double no,triple harder for school work next year.
Now I am in JB,Malaysia.I am back.~~
Yesterday went to Singapore for a day trip.
Was fun shopping around.
Tired but great.There is much more interesting stuff in Singapore.
Will be visiting again if I have time.



Monday, March 8, 2010

3 days of rest.

3days of rest including Monday.Monday it's a holiday due to labour day.So i have extra day to rest.So i told my homestay mum that i will be staying with my mum this days.

Friday after school i met mum at Bourke Street and we went to China Town with my friends May and Jessie.Later on they went of and we start to walk.I didn't know where to go at first.But later on I bring mum to Southern Cross Station to look for Sky Bus transport.It is a transport from city to the airport.It cost $16 per person and 20 minutes to airport.Cost lesser then taxi~After that I decided to bring her to a newly opened shopping mall.It's called South Whaft. All the shops are direct factory outlet.So it's cheaper =D Mum brought 2 t-shirts from Nike which cost $30 so saving a lot~Then we went to a Hong Kong Restaurant for dinner...

Saturday, went to Melbourne Aquarium with mum. She's here for so long didn't get a chance to bring her anywhere. So decided to bring her to Melbourne Aquarium. It's nice and fun. Here are some little picture of the day. Just a little~ I have the total of 187 pics..I have no time to upload here. But sure, you can look up in my facebook. =D
Mum was happy so it's worth it!
Cost quite a lot but it's fun. Adult ticket is $32.50 and child is $18.50 but i had a discount voucher and there was a 10% off. =D
After looking a lot of cool stuff in the aquarium, there was Ice Storm outside!!Melbourne have never predicted this will come and it actually storm in Melbourne~Even Australian was shock.When the ice slowly stop the rain starts~We wait and wait..Finally everything it's stop so we walked back home.But before we walked i snap some photo of ice~

The ice,Quite big..Just like ice cube.

Melboune Aquarium, Penguins~

Jelly fish~

Star fish.Which I was holding it~ =D

Time just passes so fast.It's Sunday.Suppose I should have gone to the Fun Fair with friends but it was raining so was postpone to the next day. But before it rains, I went some places with mum. We went out for lunch but I really remember where. Then we did a lot of stuff which is shopping.Then we stop by MNG and she brought a jacket for me =D It cost $99.95.. Quite expensive.But she say is fine so i could wear it for winter.Then we walk back to our home. Later on we have nothing much to do, we played poker cards =D

Monday, which is today. I finally get back home.I have a lot of work to do.But I am just to lazy..Today, went to the Fun Fair with May,Jessie,Christina and Jody. Glass came but I only saw him at the Flinders Street station and he went to find his friends.The Fun fair was quite expensive. So I didn't play anything. I went off with my mum later on for lunch. Lunch was at Nelayan.The Indonesian Restaurant. After lunch back to home and we played poker cards again. I came back home about 6.30pm from Flinders Street Station and reach home about 7.30pm~

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scene of Melbourne~ February shot.

February photography~ =D


Ferris wheel

A flight wrote this.It ends up music.

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel

Five first.~others comes later~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

20 February 2010,Saturday

It's Saturday~

Got nothing better to do..
I am mad mad mad....
I am angry angry angry...
Angry a person in my class...
Too hard to explain what happen...

Angry him angry him angry him..Don't want to care about him anymore..Don't want to tell me the true then forget it....

Today got no where to go...
Have to finish up my maths homework..Teacher want to check...

Tomorrow going out.Going for a homestay tour..
Moving in to new homestay..
But got new plan...Going back homestay on April.
Next month still staying with mom..

Bored bored bored....

Update next time..Got nothing to say now..

Today's dinner, 20 Feb 2010

Today went to Melbourne Central with mummy...

Had dinner at Nando's..

Nando's here are just better in JB's...
Here's our dinner~

Before dinner this is some picture we snap..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year and Valentine's day.

Will you be my Valentine??

Yo guys miss you all lah~Happy CNY..Not spending with you guys.Got school..You guys got 1week or more holidays right?CLAY got any performance?What about school?Any celebration?Last year,our event was Chinese New Year combined Valentine's day due to both event was near..This year is the same day..But the big different is everyone is separate...We got a good time,good memory and best celebrations for last year.This year I am not even near you guys..I guess if I am there,but different school,we will still have outing at CS and sing K the whole day.I wonder what you guys do??Tell me more about you guys' holidays when you guys are back k?

I am starting to be better here..Getting use to my life and start to work more on school stuff.You guys too..'Kambateh'.I have got some new friends here..There's some from Malaysia too..Although we all are now separate but we all work at our own place and we promised to be fine.Eve,Sri Cahaya ok?Jia you k...Stev,Fairview fine?Kambateh....Long Long didi,International site,work ok?If anything not sure must ask ya...Jia you..Marlo,I don't know where are you..But no matter where we are we all still will meet in one day..

Miss you guys much much much deeper and it hurt sometimes.CLAY,first time separate till unable to recover for outing.Air ticket too expensive for now..Cannot go back to see you guys..I apologize for that..

Same thing i will say.."I am away but my heart still belongs with you guys.Our spirit,passion for CLAY will never end.We must always believe that we are all together.Wait me to be back..I will never forget you all..I promise to contact you guys and yes,silm down.."

Happy Valentine's day..Sorry to be late.
Who's my valentine this year?No one again as usual..
So,how's you guys' valentine?Tell me tell me..

School Friends
Sis Eve, are you still with Wei Kun??Or there's something special at JB that I don't know?Tell me more about it..So did you have celebrations or any event in your new school?Got use to your new school already?Miss you like hell sis..Happy CNY amd Valentine's day.

Bro Stev, what about you bro?Hmm..I don't know who jor..Tell me~ Miss you ya~ How's your new school??We have CLAY reunion some day when i go back k?Happy CNY and Valentine's day.

Sis Alia,Hey Alia.How's everything in school?Fine?How's your Valentine?Did CLAY got any event for this year's celebration?Or there wasn't any celebration??How about you then?Going anyway?Or spending time at home,busy doing homework??Miss you,Happy CNY and Valentine's day k..

Bro Long Shang,Long Long..Miss you jor..Haiz..Valentine with Yiru or??CLAY did anything?Take Care..Work hard for school work k..Happy CNY and Valentine's day.

Sis Yiru,Yiru baobei..Miss you ya...This year Valentine's spent with who??Tell me k..Take care ya...Who bully you tell me..We aikido + koryu kill that person..Haha..Happy CNY and Valentine's day...Muacks..

Bro Syakir,how are you dear?Lol..Don't worry as usual..Dear bro..Haha..So how's this year's Valentine?Your sis here not in mood..No one accompany....Take care ya...Happy CNY and Valnetine's day..

Sis Hajar,Jar~Miss you lah~Shuffle girl~CLAY ok mah?Miss miss k?This year Valentine how?Everything fine??Happy CNY and Valentine's day.

Bro Marlo,wei..Lost contact since Dutch Lady milk powder promotion job leh....Miss you lah~Where are you now??Who's the lucky Valentine for you this year?Take care k...Happy CNY and Valentine's day..

Bro Matin,baby matin~How are you there?Maths class still with Miss Ng?Take care k..Miss..Happy CNY and Valentine's day.

Dutch lady job friends
Charlene,mummy~Haven't been calling you mummy..How are you?Miss you o..Haven't meet since KL Dutch lady job...Take Care k..Happy CNY and Valentine's day.

Siew Yee,Sis how are you??Miss ya..Happy CNY and Valentine's day.

Suki,Roar~haha~Ignore me..I was too bored and roar came up to me..Miss..Everything fine?Happy CNY and Valentine's day..

Clayton,daddy~How are you?You and mummy ok?I meant your girlfriend not Charlene mummy k..And how's gordon??Miss him like crazy..Take care...Happy CNY and Valentine's day.

Preavin,Hmm..If i spelled your name wrongly,forgive me..Happy CNY and Valentine's day.

Clariss,Hi~When you got holidays?I am so bored at Melbourne now..If got holidays,find me k..Miss~Happy CNY and Valnetine's day..

Everyone else: I am tired already..Can't type any longer..Who i missed, "I am SORRY"..But Happy CNY and Valentine's day ya~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Melbourne 26 Jan 2010

1st day here..After left airport head to homestay place.Today met new friends.Went to market for 2times...All the plugs are not suitable to use it here =( Need to spent some money on that..Got a Australian number..Tomorrow need to go recharge my credit...Sad sad sad..Spent a lot man...Bought a pair of slipper for inner house use.Got metcard..A monthly metcard cost $109.60...A lot man..This will be RM570++ OMG...Metcard is to use with public transport..Such as bus,tram and train.No limit..Only limit areas..Hope can get a special lowered price due to under 16.Got wireless connection..$10 per week..Damn expensive..If school got free connection then maybe i will use the one in school rather then paying.The meals provided by the host is quite fine..I can eat..Life here is spending a lot..Tomorrow morning going to college..Get my timetable..Then get books outside the school..So can save more...Need to get bank account number done..I have nothing much to say..Tidy up now..So will keep update if i can.

-Miko Sakuyetsu Christine Ler--0433-

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have 10days left here..I have been busy for some stuff with lots of lots of documents..Haven't finish pack up..This days have been reading too..Finish nearly 3000pages..My eyes starts to hurt now..Visa approve and air tickets are ready..Need to finish pack up by this week..Go swimming before I leave..Finish up all food and drink in my room..Wash my bag and dry it..A lot and a lot..Too lazy to care about the plans..

Reach Australia I wanna have a better life..Will miss my friends a lot~Australia I guess will be much more busy there..School need to get public transport myself..Need to wake up earlier to grab a bus...So I wouldn't be late..30minutes to 45 minutes to reach Taylors College....Need to work harder to get better results now..

Will find more time to updated my blog soon..Hope I will get internet access at Australia..Will keep contact on facebook as well as updating my blog..My friends,take care!

Friday, January 8, 2010

2nd week, 2010

4th went out with Qin Xian...1st went back to school..Get my stuff..Spent 3hours there...damn long!!!Later went to CS..Had our lunch at Soul Garden...When Qin Xian went to get some food [cause it's buffet style] I called Clayton and disturb him..LoL..I was too bored..Miss his brother,Gordon...Spent about RM200 for shopping again....

5th went to Studylink to get some documents..Then went to dad's factory..Later on went to Bukit Indah Jusco for lunch at Old town...My treat that day..The food doesn't taste good...The service not good either...Spent RM30 there...

6th,wake up early in the morning for check ups...1st went to Johor Specialist for X-Ray check up..Later went to Australian Clinic for blood test..Visa stated to go those place..Australian clinic didn't do blood test due to some problem..Need to go back on 9th..Spent Rm55 for X-Ray and Rm150 for Australian Clinic..

7th~I am damn fucking sick now...Haven't recover much..Everything shows up together..Flu,fever n sore throat...Kor i seriously miss you a lot...When are you coming back?I miss your caring..You use to take care me every time when I am sick..But now you are currently outstation at Hong Kong I don't wanna make you worry much about me...

8th..Lunch at Kopitiam..I ate porridge with some vegetables..went to get some Chinese medicine...Mom brought 2bottles of bird nest as a early gift for my birthday...Then went to Tebrau City Jusco to get some stuff...

9th~Even I am really sick but still I am going for the party...I hope I will be feeling better for the coming morning...Having blood test tomorrow morning before going for the party..Then will meet my god sis before the party to see her child..Party at 1pm..Meeting everyone on 12pm..

Grabbing some rest now...Night everyone..

-Miko Sakuyetsu- -0234,09 Jan 2010-