Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Tomorrow is the last day of 2010.
Haven't decide how to celebrate yet.
Should be staying at home again..

Last Friday celebrated Christmas at home.
We had barbecue and I ate a lot of food.
Hmm I think I need to silm down before I get back to Melbourne.

This few days got nothing much to do.
Days are getting slower.
Maybe days here are lesser.
Woke up early this few days but there's nothing I could do.
Tidy up my room but it's way too hard to tidy.
There's too much things to pack up.

Next up,need to look at past year test paper.
Need to review and learn.
As this half year,my results are getting bad.
Need to work hard and get better results for year 11.
Maybe as a news that I got in to St. Micheals seems very good but for me is actually quite stress.
I am scare that I can't get good results in St. Michaels.
Scare that I can't get use to the place.
Scare that I can't catch up school work.
There is way too much stress and things to think about.

Well,whatever it is days goes on.
So solve problems that comes along.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Sorry for not updating my blog!!
Alright first of all,it's nearly towards the end of year.
I have been in Melbourne for a year.
Everything seems great I think.
Work hard,Play hard and Study hard.
I will be in Year 11 and in new school!!!
St. Michael's Grammar,hmm,my dream school?I am not sure too.
Well need to work double no,triple harder for school work next year.
Now I am in JB,Malaysia.I am back.~~
Yesterday went to Singapore for a day trip.
Was fun shopping around.
Tired but great.There is much more interesting stuff in Singapore.
Will be visiting again if I have time.