Monday, March 8, 2010

3 days of rest.

3days of rest including Monday.Monday it's a holiday due to labour day.So i have extra day to rest.So i told my homestay mum that i will be staying with my mum this days.

Friday after school i met mum at Bourke Street and we went to China Town with my friends May and Jessie.Later on they went of and we start to walk.I didn't know where to go at first.But later on I bring mum to Southern Cross Station to look for Sky Bus transport.It is a transport from city to the airport.It cost $16 per person and 20 minutes to airport.Cost lesser then taxi~After that I decided to bring her to a newly opened shopping mall.It's called South Whaft. All the shops are direct factory outlet.So it's cheaper =D Mum brought 2 t-shirts from Nike which cost $30 so saving a lot~Then we went to a Hong Kong Restaurant for dinner...

Saturday, went to Melbourne Aquarium with mum. She's here for so long didn't get a chance to bring her anywhere. So decided to bring her to Melbourne Aquarium. It's nice and fun. Here are some little picture of the day. Just a little~ I have the total of 187 pics..I have no time to upload here. But sure, you can look up in my facebook. =D
Mum was happy so it's worth it!
Cost quite a lot but it's fun. Adult ticket is $32.50 and child is $18.50 but i had a discount voucher and there was a 10% off. =D
After looking a lot of cool stuff in the aquarium, there was Ice Storm outside!!Melbourne have never predicted this will come and it actually storm in Melbourne~Even Australian was shock.When the ice slowly stop the rain starts~We wait and wait..Finally everything it's stop so we walked back home.But before we walked i snap some photo of ice~

The ice,Quite big..Just like ice cube.

Melboune Aquarium, Penguins~

Jelly fish~

Star fish.Which I was holding it~ =D

Time just passes so fast.It's Sunday.Suppose I should have gone to the Fun Fair with friends but it was raining so was postpone to the next day. But before it rains, I went some places with mum. We went out for lunch but I really remember where. Then we did a lot of stuff which is shopping.Then we stop by MNG and she brought a jacket for me =D It cost $99.95.. Quite expensive.But she say is fine so i could wear it for winter.Then we walk back to our home. Later on we have nothing much to do, we played poker cards =D

Monday, which is today. I finally get back home.I have a lot of work to do.But I am just to lazy..Today, went to the Fun Fair with May,Jessie,Christina and Jody. Glass came but I only saw him at the Flinders Street station and he went to find his friends.The Fun fair was quite expensive. So I didn't play anything. I went off with my mum later on for lunch. Lunch was at Nelayan.The Indonesian Restaurant. After lunch back to home and we played poker cards again. I came back home about 6.30pm from Flinders Street Station and reach home about 7.30pm~

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