Friday, May 11, 2012

11/5/2012 - Melbourne winter.

It has been really long time since my last update. Sorry guys~ I was pretty busy but not too sure what i was busy with.
I am doing my term 2 of TAFE. Mainly study more about pastry which thats what i want to. Anyway i do update on facebook a lot. And I upload pictures of food I made. So you guys can check up facebook more than here.
Melbourne now is pretty much in Winter. Cold and windy as usual. That pretty much means I am gonna be like last year. But hope for the best, I never be like last year.

Lets jump of from weather and all. Got to pretty much tell you guys my life.

I have been though pretty much stupid stuff last 2 months. And getting out of it now. Those stuff made me pretty much stress out and wanted to run away so much. But time passes everything is getting better. So hopefully everything will be better by end of this month.
Life is pretty busy as well. I have been studying a lot and working a lot. So is really sort of working and study life now. No more play hard, party hard life. But I enjoy my life now. Cause I have people that always support me, always take care of me, always help me up.

Working life,
Pretty much different than school life. Cause you pretty much got to think a lot, remember a lot and be careful on what you say. Somehow, works give me a big big support on study. Work keeps my life working and I pretty much don't skip school now.

Study life,
Easy study life makes me happier : ) I realize I don't like high school and I enjoy my study life now with all the assignments and research. I was skipping a few classes beginning of term 1, but now, I skip nothing. So is a pretty good change yea?

Anyway whatever it is in your life now,
I hope everyone enjoy life. I am staying over in Melbourne for this whole year. So hopefully I'll see you guys end of this year. I'll update more whenever I have time or feel like  : )

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


At times you wouldn't realize what is more important for your life. Sometimes what you think is the most important will change after something happen. And I guess this is life. Decision make up life and life changes decision. Does this make sense? Anyway if you have a dream or an ambition, go for it. Don't wait, you might just lost your chances. Well, put away those complicated mind. Yesterday, I went back to my grandma's house. Was meant to be today but we suddenly decide to visit yesterday. Was very fun and there was so many relative that I have not meet up for a long time. Before my family and I vist, I made some muffins and Chinese 'far gao'. The muffins went a bit weird look but the fa gao look very nice. Just a bit more better improve needed for the fa gao as the middle part was a bit wet. Grandma was very happy but she look very tired to me. I think because she have been very busy for the whole day. Grandpa was still the same, and my dad actually spent whole night charting with him, which is good. Then we had dinner and chatting and all. We came back home around 10pm and arrive about 11pm. I finish my day just by making muffins,fa gao and visit my grandma. Little schedule but fun day =)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Happy Chinese new year everyone! Wish you all a prosperous year and wishes come true! Right now I am stil in Malaysia, being a girl having a great life eating all good food and gaining weight :S Anyway I haven't got official letter from the school yet which is very slow and I hope I can get it tomorrow. Also I haven't buy a flight ticket yet, I might not have a ticket back so, well just don't know what to do now without the letter. Chinese new year is up, what are your plans? I will be visiting my grands on on Tuesday so I will bake some muffins and chinese 'fa gao' which is Chinese style cake, steamed not bake tomorrow and bring them to my grandma. My family is not the very very tradition family, like I mean we don't follow up all the cultural. We only follow some.Today we had the family dinner which is Chinese family have it together the whole family before the new year come,perhaps I guess should call it 'new year's eve dinner'. Then parents give us red packets as a good start for the kid for the upcoming year ahead. And young ones like me will get red packets from elder sister or brother too. So long the ones are married are usually the ones having to give the red packets. Right,I will update the recipes and my day at my grandma's house soon =)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It has really been awhile since my last update. I had been really busy with house security stuff and so. Last sundaynmy family and I went out for dinner and our house got rob in. We were out for only 30 minutes at round 8pm and this happened. It's kind of hard to think that they can rob in within 30minutes. Also they came in from the window with a very very smal hole. But anyway thank god there is no one home so no one got hurt. Everyone do take care of your safety and be aware of who is around you and so. We got stuff stolen and damn thing my laptop got stolen. I revived the iPad I ordered last Friday since there was an offer. But sadly my laptop is gone. My mum said 'old one go and new ones come' so well I should feel balance yea? Then next up I should update what I did the last few days. I was kind of a housewife when my mum was not home. I prepared breakfast and dinner also I bake muffins and cookies for breakfasts. Then I clean up my house and exercise actively most of the time before Sunday. After rob case happened, I was up and not sleep for 32 hours as I couldn't believe and calm down myself about my laptop was stolen. The day after mostly we got alarm, CCTV and so update and check ups. And I handy remember when, my house got two kittens. There were new born like probably 1-2 weeks and was left around my dad's company. My bro took it back and we are thinking to feed them until they are a bit grown up. Photos will be up soon if I am not that busy this few days and surprisely my dog is having lots of fun with this 2 little kittens. Today mainly I did nothing the whole day and consider sleep most of the time. Although I had kind of bad start for 2012 I still hope everyone take care and be happy. Chinese new year is coming up in two weeks I think. Happy new year and have a prosperous for this year ahead. Also very importantly, be healthy.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

06/01/2012 -Active day

Today it's a very active day for me as I feel really energetic after exercise and working stuffs at home.

I start off my day today about 6.10 in the morning. I made breakfast for my dad, bro and sis-in-law since my mum is not home. I warm up leftover pizza for my sis-in-law and my bro and I scrambled eggs for my dad since he's not feeling well for pizza. Then there is coffee for sure, for my dad and bro. Boost their energy a bit before having a long working day. Then I cook soy-milk. Hmm or I should say I made soy-milk?Anyway is freshly homemade soy-milk for three of them to bring for work.

After dad and bro left to work,I did the laundry then wash the dishes and I did housework. I vacuumed whole of my house. Wait I meant the whole of 1st-storey. Then I started with my exercise. First up, 30minutes of running/jogging. Then I did 100times of skipping rope. Was meant to do 1600 times and above to see good result but it's too hard too keep up as I haven't been exercising that much lately.

Then I had my shower, hang up clothes that I washed in the morning and then I did brownies. I used the easy recipes which is the 'Nano brownies pack' They mix everything together. So what you need is 2 eggs, a little bit of oil and water. All instructions are clearly stated on the box.

And it's all done. Breakfast for tomorrow =)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I haven't been update recently, so I will update what I did the last few days.

Monday I baked some muffins and cookies.
I did chocolate cookies and butter cookies.

I forgot about taking photo of cookies that I done. But anyway next time =)

Then I did 2 types of muffins. Cranberries seed muffin and Raisin muffins.
Basically both are the same just the topping are different.

Raisin muffins.

Cranberries seed muffins

I will update the recipes next time :)
See yea.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

01/01/12 - My very first day of 2012

Is a new year ahead, I want a better life. Eventually now what I am really hoping for is my school in Melbourne. I hope I'll get this done really really soon.

Is a reborn for me now and I am taking this chance to make my life better.
Anyway whatever happened on 2011 is all passed. No matter how bad was it, how sad was it and how hard was it.They are all passed what I'll keep is only the good part.All sadness,depress and unsuccessful have now gone. Is a reborn now and is time to take your opportunity to plan what's gonna be happening the year ahead.

I have my plan and I want it to be real.I want it to come true and now I promise here no matter how hard is going to be, I still want to take it. I want to make my choice for my life.

2012 I hope god will give me another little hand with my education and I will cherish what comes and take up the challenge.

2012 I'm here, you're here. Hi nice to meet you and hope life gets better =D

Wish everyone a dream come true and be happy.

Also my little update for today.
I spend my day with Soo Suen and Soo suen's teacher and teacher's other students.
I met new people which was Sara,Melina,Melisa,Sean,Nick, Tian fu, Kha Siong [I am sorry if I spelled your name wrongly!] And I meet Parthiban which is old classmate.

We all watch 'We Brought A Zoo'. Was a great movie, makes me feel like whatever it is, try hard you will not know if you make it or not be you will know after you try. Even if its gonna fail, at lease you did tried your best.
Then we head to TGIF JB for lunch. We finish around 5.30pm and we took a photo together.
All of us head back to CS by walking except teacher and Melina they took cab back but yea is not good for our pregnant teacher to walk.
Anyway we sort of separate after we reach CS.

Was a short day but I had fun knowing new people = )