Sunday, January 22, 2012


Happy Chinese new year everyone! Wish you all a prosperous year and wishes come true! Right now I am stil in Malaysia, being a girl having a great life eating all good food and gaining weight :S Anyway I haven't got official letter from the school yet which is very slow and I hope I can get it tomorrow. Also I haven't buy a flight ticket yet, I might not have a ticket back so, well just don't know what to do now without the letter. Chinese new year is up, what are your plans? I will be visiting my grands on on Tuesday so I will bake some muffins and chinese 'fa gao' which is Chinese style cake, steamed not bake tomorrow and bring them to my grandma. My family is not the very very tradition family, like I mean we don't follow up all the cultural. We only follow some.Today we had the family dinner which is Chinese family have it together the whole family before the new year come,perhaps I guess should call it 'new year's eve dinner'. Then parents give us red packets as a good start for the kid for the upcoming year ahead. And young ones like me will get red packets from elder sister or brother too. So long the ones are married are usually the ones having to give the red packets. Right,I will update the recipes and my day at my grandma's house soon =)

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