Tuesday, January 24, 2012


At times you wouldn't realize what is more important for your life. Sometimes what you think is the most important will change after something happen. And I guess this is life. Decision make up life and life changes decision. Does this make sense? Anyway if you have a dream or an ambition, go for it. Don't wait, you might just lost your chances. Well, put away those complicated mind. Yesterday, I went back to my grandma's house. Was meant to be today but we suddenly decide to visit yesterday. Was very fun and there was so many relative that I have not meet up for a long time. Before my family and I vist, I made some muffins and Chinese 'far gao'. The muffins went a bit weird look but the fa gao look very nice. Just a bit more better improve needed for the fa gao as the middle part was a bit wet. Grandma was very happy but she look very tired to me. I think because she have been very busy for the whole day. Grandpa was still the same, and my dad actually spent whole night charting with him, which is good. Then we had dinner and chatting and all. We came back home around 10pm and arrive about 11pm. I finish my day just by making muffins,fa gao and visit my grandma. Little schedule but fun day =)

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