Thursday, January 5, 2012

06/01/2012 -Active day

Today it's a very active day for me as I feel really energetic after exercise and working stuffs at home.

I start off my day today about 6.10 in the morning. I made breakfast for my dad, bro and sis-in-law since my mum is not home. I warm up leftover pizza for my sis-in-law and my bro and I scrambled eggs for my dad since he's not feeling well for pizza. Then there is coffee for sure, for my dad and bro. Boost their energy a bit before having a long working day. Then I cook soy-milk. Hmm or I should say I made soy-milk?Anyway is freshly homemade soy-milk for three of them to bring for work.

After dad and bro left to work,I did the laundry then wash the dishes and I did housework. I vacuumed whole of my house. Wait I meant the whole of 1st-storey. Then I started with my exercise. First up, 30minutes of running/jogging. Then I did 100times of skipping rope. Was meant to do 1600 times and above to see good result but it's too hard too keep up as I haven't been exercising that much lately.

Then I had my shower, hang up clothes that I washed in the morning and then I did brownies. I used the easy recipes which is the 'Nano brownies pack' They mix everything together. So what you need is 2 eggs, a little bit of oil and water. All instructions are clearly stated on the box.

And it's all done. Breakfast for tomorrow =)

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