Sunday, January 1, 2012

01/01/12 - My very first day of 2012

Is a new year ahead, I want a better life. Eventually now what I am really hoping for is my school in Melbourne. I hope I'll get this done really really soon.

Is a reborn for me now and I am taking this chance to make my life better.
Anyway whatever happened on 2011 is all passed. No matter how bad was it, how sad was it and how hard was it.They are all passed what I'll keep is only the good part.All sadness,depress and unsuccessful have now gone. Is a reborn now and is time to take your opportunity to plan what's gonna be happening the year ahead.

I have my plan and I want it to be real.I want it to come true and now I promise here no matter how hard is going to be, I still want to take it. I want to make my choice for my life.

2012 I hope god will give me another little hand with my education and I will cherish what comes and take up the challenge.

2012 I'm here, you're here. Hi nice to meet you and hope life gets better =D

Wish everyone a dream come true and be happy.

Also my little update for today.
I spend my day with Soo Suen and Soo suen's teacher and teacher's other students.
I met new people which was Sara,Melina,Melisa,Sean,Nick, Tian fu, Kha Siong [I am sorry if I spelled your name wrongly!] And I meet Parthiban which is old classmate.

We all watch 'We Brought A Zoo'. Was a great movie, makes me feel like whatever it is, try hard you will not know if you make it or not be you will know after you try. Even if its gonna fail, at lease you did tried your best.
Then we head to TGIF JB for lunch. We finish around 5.30pm and we took a photo together.
All of us head back to CS by walking except teacher and Melina they took cab back but yea is not good for our pregnant teacher to walk.
Anyway we sort of separate after we reach CS.

Was a short day but I had fun knowing new people = )

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