Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It has really been awhile since my last update. I had been really busy with house security stuff and so. Last sundaynmy family and I went out for dinner and our house got rob in. We were out for only 30 minutes at round 8pm and this happened. It's kind of hard to think that they can rob in within 30minutes. Also they came in from the window with a very very smal hole. But anyway thank god there is no one home so no one got hurt. Everyone do take care of your safety and be aware of who is around you and so. We got stuff stolen and damn thing my laptop got stolen. I revived the iPad I ordered last Friday since there was an offer. But sadly my laptop is gone. My mum said 'old one go and new ones come' so well I should feel balance yea? Then next up I should update what I did the last few days. I was kind of a housewife when my mum was not home. I prepared breakfast and dinner also I bake muffins and cookies for breakfasts. Then I clean up my house and exercise actively most of the time before Sunday. After rob case happened, I was up and not sleep for 32 hours as I couldn't believe and calm down myself about my laptop was stolen. The day after mostly we got alarm, CCTV and so update and check ups. And I handy remember when, my house got two kittens. There were new born like probably 1-2 weeks and was left around my dad's company. My bro took it back and we are thinking to feed them until they are a bit grown up. Photos will be up soon if I am not that busy this few days and surprisely my dog is having lots of fun with this 2 little kittens. Today mainly I did nothing the whole day and consider sleep most of the time. Although I had kind of bad start for 2012 I still hope everyone take care and be happy. Chinese new year is coming up in two weeks I think. Happy new year and have a prosperous for this year ahead. Also very importantly, be healthy.

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