Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chocolate Puddings.

Basically making chocolate pudding is very easy just keeping the temperature is important.

Is a bit in a mess, sorry.

Fresh milk 140ml,
Fresh whipped cream 40ml,
Chocolate syrup 60ml,
2 eggs,
some strawberries for decoration.

-Bring the milk and whipped cream to cook [together],  cook till 35 degree Celsius and boil them into a bowl.
-Stir in chocolate syrup, you can reduce the usage if you don't want it that sweet.
-Stir two eggs until well combined and add to the mixture you have above.
-Sieved the mixture and pour them into ovenproof bowls. If you want it in better sharp you can pour them into ovenproof heart sharp bowls.
-Bake them for 30minutes until it turns hard.
-Leave them on room temperature to cool down.
-Ones fully cooled down, put them into the fridge.
-When you want to eat, put the strawberry on top and serve cool.

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