Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little day with Eve and Soo Suen 22/12/2011

Today I had a little day spent at Tebrau City Jusco with Eve and Soo Suen. We had lunch at a ramen shop I am not sure what's the name and we walk around the whole day. But the most fun was we took a lot of photos with the photo machine. Was much more cheaper than the one in City Square. And effects are really good except they have auto enlargement for eyes and looks a bit weird but is still alright.

The time flied fast. We spend most of time taking photo and chi chat-ing. We spent up out money with food and photo, we are good girl ain't we? Cause we spent up for fun and memory not on goodies XD

Anyway I am kind of tired. Just want a little update since I skip my last 2days' update.
I'll try to update more often if i have something interesting. So well good night everyone.

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