Thursday, December 15, 2011


It has been ages after my last update.  I know, it's always this word with my every update. I sort of forgot about my blog here. I was super bored and moody viewing lots of profiles on facebook. And I saw my dear sis, Soo Suen's blogspot then I remembered I actually use to have one. Since I am moody I should actually update here and speck all I want here.

The 'thing' that really made me moody was just a small matter. I seem a bit childish with this and somewhat stupid. I realize something in Melbourne which should call it a so true matter.
This matter happen long ago. Which was like I lost some stuff in my homestay family, and for sure, there is no one gonna own up. There was this housemate telling me what she also lost and she got enough of this bla bla bla and all. And today I realize one of the shirt that I lost is with her. She was wearing it and took a photo and uploaded on facebook. I know it's just a shirt. Nothing much right? But I am so moody and somehow unhappy about it. I think mainly causing this is because i use to trust her so much. Taking her as a real friend and this is what I've got.

As 2years pass without any review I am sort of regret for going to Melbourne. Cause there is too many people cannot be trusted out there. The friends in Malaysia should be the only ones called the real friends.But I still got a few good friends in Melbourne. So I am kind of stuck with what I am thinking.

As I grow up I realize friends will always quarrel and having misunderstanding ones a while. I am sorry if I hurt you before but I'll never bite you so please don't stay away from me. Tell me if you are unhappy and also forgive me because I am sometimes unreasonable.

Comparing to last 2 years, this year I have much more catch up with my old friends. Especially the old classmates and school. Hmm 8 years of friendship, not pretty long but also not short. Everyone gonna leave soon for their college/uni and even setting up family soon.And myself here is still kind of lost and don't know what to do,

I hope I'll still have my great friends and they wouldn't feel that I am really a big trouble bringing me along their life.

Christine Ler.