Saturday, December 17, 2011

17/12/2011- A day in Singapore with Peeko

Was a great day in Singapore with Peeko =) Although the weather is a bit bad in the afternoon with the rain and all but still we have fun chatting. Was really tiring as we walked a lot. And sorry Peeko, for bringing to a wrong way. Hope you enjoyed today.

My plan in Singapore was mainly to 1; meeting Peeko. 2; meeting my aunts and 3; get rhinestones to DIY my iphone case.
I finish my plan well and get what should have get.

First thing in the morning. I left house and went to Bukit Indah to get the bus. I took CW6 to Boon Lay. It goes towards Gelang Patah and then to Boon Lay. It took nearly an hour. Which is quite fast.

After getting off the bus which is Boon Lay, Jurong Point Shopping Centre is just by the side. I went in with my mum, first toilet second breakfast.

After breakfast we walk around to wait for my aunt.

I search a lot of rhinestones on websites about where the shops and all. Today, I went to 2 of the shops. One is in Arab St [Bugis]. Which was pretty ok with the prices. But I realize the one I got in Jurong point Shopping Central [ Boon Lay] was also quite good.

This is some of what I got from Jurong Point Shopping Central.

After meeting aunt, I left and travel towards to Bugis to meet up Peeko. She was with her parents having lunch at farrer park. Then we decide to meet back in Bugis MRT station which where I should meet her up. Before she came I went to the rhinestones store which is know as Kin Lee & company which is down at Arab St. I grab some of the rhinestone which I wanted also.
And I head back to the station and Peeko is here! We met up and we decide to travel to Orchard.

Orchard was very busy today.With lots of people shopping, I guess because Christmas and New year is coming up! It took us about 10 minutes to reach. Was a station from Bugis to City Hall and then change to North South line, three station from city hall to Orchard. We walk a lot in Orchard road. From about 2pm till 5.30pm only we left. First we walk all the way from the Orchard MRT station to Orchard Central Point, Mandarin Orchard. Was raining so we sort of slow down.
First thing we got, and which is also why I wanted to visit that shopping central was STICKY CANDY. It's just and the left side from the entry door.

After sticky candy we walk up to the upper floor and came down just to look around. Then the journey continues to Takashimaya. I saw this Japanese Cake. I brought a size M one for breakfast tomorrow. And we continue to Ion Orchard. We were trying to get a place for tea time. But seriously there was too many people we couldn't find a place with seats. Around 5pm, we finally settle down at a fast food shop near the MRT. We had some snack and we left around 5.30pm.

the japanese cake and sicky candy.

After separate from Peeko, I went to Queenstown by MRT to meet my aunt. We had dinner around that area. Was dumplings and soups and a lot more. I really enjoyed the dinner. Finish up dinner aunt drop my mum and me at Boon Lay and we took CW6 back to JB.

Was a great time catching up with my 2 aunts and 3 little cousin. Also Peeko, I hope you enjoyed your day, take care and I shall see you soon.

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