Saturday, December 24, 2011

25/12/11 - Merry Christmas

First up, sorry that I didn't update yesterday, I was pretty died last night, I got fever but thank god,I am alright now.

All my friends, Merry Christmas! And nearly, Happy New Year!

Yesterday,I spent my little day at Soo Suen's house with Eve. 
Before Soo Suen's house, I had dinner with her at Sutera Mall subway.
I ate a 6-inch and Soo Suen ate a foot-long!! And the size was like OMG.

It looks not much different in the photo, but actual size for foot-long is 2 of 6-inch =D
Soo Suen end up too full XD

To home,
We did cookies, muffins and JACUZZI! Was a bit cold but we did a lot of chitchat and we should say it as girls talk! I think we stayed in jacuzzi for 2 hours, we had lots of fun and we shared our little secrets, and definitely is just between 3 of us, we won't tell anyone XD.
After jacuzzi we went to dinner at a Japanese Restaurant in Sutera Mall area. I wasn't feeling well that moment, what I had was just green tea, since they don't have other hot drinks.

Today, it's Christmas day! Hope everyone have fun and dream comes true!

I'll see you the next update =D

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