Friday, May 11, 2012

11/5/2012 - Melbourne winter.

It has been really long time since my last update. Sorry guys~ I was pretty busy but not too sure what i was busy with.
I am doing my term 2 of TAFE. Mainly study more about pastry which thats what i want to. Anyway i do update on facebook a lot. And I upload pictures of food I made. So you guys can check up facebook more than here.
Melbourne now is pretty much in Winter. Cold and windy as usual. That pretty much means I am gonna be like last year. But hope for the best, I never be like last year.

Lets jump of from weather and all. Got to pretty much tell you guys my life.

I have been though pretty much stupid stuff last 2 months. And getting out of it now. Those stuff made me pretty much stress out and wanted to run away so much. But time passes everything is getting better. So hopefully everything will be better by end of this month.
Life is pretty busy as well. I have been studying a lot and working a lot. So is really sort of working and study life now. No more play hard, party hard life. But I enjoy my life now. Cause I have people that always support me, always take care of me, always help me up.

Working life,
Pretty much different than school life. Cause you pretty much got to think a lot, remember a lot and be careful on what you say. Somehow, works give me a big big support on study. Work keeps my life working and I pretty much don't skip school now.

Study life,
Easy study life makes me happier : ) I realize I don't like high school and I enjoy my study life now with all the assignments and research. I was skipping a few classes beginning of term 1, but now, I skip nothing. So is a pretty good change yea?

Anyway whatever it is in your life now,
I hope everyone enjoy life. I am staying over in Melbourne for this whole year. So hopefully I'll see you guys end of this year. I'll update more whenever I have time or feel like  : )

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