Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello 2013 :)

Hello 2013 :)
As usual I never been updating my blog. Mainly I lost my computer time so didn't really get to touch my blog.
First of all is already February 2013. Happy new year and happy Chinese new year.I hope everyone have a good start and all the best.
I had a bad one, I have been really sick the last week. I am just hoping to recover soon.

As nothing much different. Been busy with school. After my school break off for Christmas and New Year break, I have been busy with work. Yes, no lie, I am working at the Langham Hotel Melbourne Pastry Kitchen. I am learning the max I could and hopefully the experience I get will help much in my future career. I am very unstable as yet cause I don't think I'll take pastry chef as my career as I am still very business women type but I'll see how I go with my hospitality management class.

I am trying hard, learning and I am still searching for my motivation, my passion. Some what I lost my motivation somewhere. Hope someday I'll find it back soon.

Well, this update ends here for now. Take care :)

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