Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have 10days left here..I have been busy for some stuff with lots of lots of documents..Haven't finish pack up..This days have been reading too..Finish nearly 3000pages..My eyes starts to hurt now..Visa approve and air tickets are ready..Need to finish pack up by this week..Go swimming before I leave..Finish up all food and drink in my room..Wash my bag and dry it..A lot and a lot..Too lazy to care about the plans..

Reach Australia I wanna have a better life..Will miss my friends a lot~Australia I guess will be much more busy there..School need to get public transport myself..Need to wake up earlier to grab a bus...So I wouldn't be late..30minutes to 45 minutes to reach Taylors College....Need to work harder to get better results now..

Will find more time to updated my blog soon..Hope I will get internet access at Australia..Will keep contact on facebook as well as updating my blog..My friends,take care!

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