Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Melbourne 26 Jan 2010

1st day here..After left airport head to homestay place.Today met new friends.Went to market for 2times...All the plugs are not suitable to use it here =( Need to spent some money on that..Got a Australian number..Tomorrow need to go recharge my credit...Sad sad sad..Spent a lot man...Bought a pair of slipper for inner house use.Got metcard..A monthly metcard cost $109.60...A lot man..This will be RM570++ OMG...Metcard is to use with public transport..Such as bus,tram and train.No limit..Only limit areas..Hope can get a special lowered price due to under 16.Got wireless connection..$10 per week..Damn expensive..If school got free connection then maybe i will use the one in school rather then paying.The meals provided by the host is quite fine..I can eat..Life here is spending a lot..Tomorrow morning going to college..Get my timetable..Then get books outside the school..So can save more...Need to get bank account number done..I have nothing much to say..Tidy up now..So will keep update if i can.

-Miko Sakuyetsu Christine Ler--0433-

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