Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chocolate Puddings.

Basically making chocolate pudding is very easy just keeping the temperature is important.

Is a bit in a mess, sorry.

Fresh milk 140ml,
Fresh whipped cream 40ml,
Chocolate syrup 60ml,
2 eggs,
some strawberries for decoration.

-Bring the milk and whipped cream to cook [together],  cook till 35 degree Celsius and boil them into a bowl.
-Stir in chocolate syrup, you can reduce the usage if you don't want it that sweet.
-Stir two eggs until well combined and add to the mixture you have above.
-Sieved the mixture and pour them into ovenproof bowls. If you want it in better sharp you can pour them into ovenproof heart sharp bowls.
-Bake them for 30minutes until it turns hard.
-Leave them on room temperature to cool down.
-Ones fully cooled down, put them into the fridge.
-When you want to eat, put the strawberry on top and serve cool.

31/11/2011- My very last day of 2011

Today is the last day of 2011. I hope everyone had enjoy this year very well and hope next year will be a better year, Happy new year everyone.

I haven't been really active with blogspot the last few day. But I wanted to update today for the very last day of year 2011. Is about 2hours and 30 minutes to 2012. What's on your mind? I bet everyone is out for celebration or perhaps with family.

I spent my little day baking cookies and I had my dinner with my family at a Chinese restaurant.

The cookies doesn't look perfect as the one outside but at lease it taste good.

What I have recently doing was red packets lanterns. Which is making lanterns with red packets.  And I bake chocolate puddings yesterday =)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chocolate Muffins

What you need,
35g of Coco Powder,
85g of flour,
115g of Sugar,
115g of butter,
2 eggs.
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder.

What you do,
1, Stir the coco powder and flour also the baking powder.
2, Beat the sugar with butter,
3, Mix in coco powder, flour and baking powder that you mix in step 1.
4, Mix the eggs in,
5, Mix them evenly and fill them into muffins cups.
6, Preheat oven and bake the muffins with 170 degree Celsius for 15 minutes or when it cracks on the top.

Making sugar cookies.

This is actually what I learn from Soo Suen.

What you need,
195g of flour,
1 egg,
113.5g of butter,
1/2 teaspoon of soda,
100g of sugar.
And also the accessorizes like beaters, cookies cutters bowls and so. 

What you'll do is,
1, Mix the sugar with butter evenly,
2, Mix the flour in with soda,
3, Mix the egg in,
4, After mixing them evenly, it will turn into a dough then roll them flat to about 3mm-5mm[depends what you like] and put it in the freezer approximately 10 minutes.
5, Cut them with cookies cutter and bring it to bake. [before baking, preheat the oven]
6, 170 degree Celsius and bake it about 15minutes or when it turns gold.

25/12/11 - Merry Christmas

First up, sorry that I didn't update yesterday, I was pretty died last night, I got fever but thank god,I am alright now.

All my friends, Merry Christmas! And nearly, Happy New Year!

Yesterday,I spent my little day at Soo Suen's house with Eve. 
Before Soo Suen's house, I had dinner with her at Sutera Mall subway.
I ate a 6-inch and Soo Suen ate a foot-long!! And the size was like OMG.

It looks not much different in the photo, but actual size for foot-long is 2 of 6-inch =D
Soo Suen end up too full XD

To home,
We did cookies, muffins and JACUZZI! Was a bit cold but we did a lot of chitchat and we should say it as girls talk! I think we stayed in jacuzzi for 2 hours, we had lots of fun and we shared our little secrets, and definitely is just between 3 of us, we won't tell anyone XD.
After jacuzzi we went to dinner at a Japanese Restaurant in Sutera Mall area. I wasn't feeling well that moment, what I had was just green tea, since they don't have other hot drinks.

Today, it's Christmas day! Hope everyone have fun and dream comes true!

I'll see you the next update =D

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today it's a rainy day. Have been raining since in the morning till now. I don't really like this weather =S

I stayed home the whole day today and what I did was playing The Sim 3 on my little laptop. Christmas is just 2 days ahead. What's your plan? I will have my Christmas eve spend in Soo Suen's house. I mean the afternoon. Then Sunday which is Christmas day will be spend at Long Shang's cafe. Time is not confirm yet. But I look forward for both days.

Tomorrow we will be baking cookies and cake. So I will try to keep track with all the steps and ingredients and post it up in my little cook book.

So see you guys tomorrow =D

Making chinese rice balls.

It's a little special post today. But this is what I have learn from my grandma.

Chinese rice balls.
Ingredients, glutinous flour and warm water.

It's really easy.
Just mix the flour with water. Mix it till it turns to dough so u really have to control the water amount depending on how much flour you got.
After that roll them into small balls.

Prepare water and bring it to boil.
Put those little rice ball in when the water starts to boil.
When the rice balls flow up to the top of the water means they are fully cooked.

Take them out and put some sugar and stir. You don't have to put any water or so, as you stir, the rice ball cool down, they will have this so call 'soup' for this little rice balls .

And it's all done!

It looks like eggs ain't they?

22/12/2011 - dong zhi

I actually post part of the blog with my phone, but it doesn't show on my webpage. There mind be some problem with it, but never mind. I'll rewrite.

I was at my grandma's house today, and we celebrated 'dong zhi '. This is one of the biggest event for Chinese celebration. It is also important than Chinese New year. It usually fall before Chinese New year and we'll have a dessert called rice balls. After eating rice ball we'll known as grown up a year and all the best for the new year ahead.

My grandparents follows the traditional.We pray and serve food to our ancestor. Pray to them please take care or us and all the best to us for year ahead.


After praying, we'll eat the little rice balls. And it means we have grow up a year.
Rice ball are usually serve in soup or dry. Soup are like desserts will sweet base or the ginger base. Like me I like the ones with sweet base soup.

Hopefully after today, I'll have better days ahead.

Next up it's gonna be Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone. I know it's early but still. Enjoy yourself =)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A little day with Eve and Soo Suen 22/12/2011

Today I had a little day spent at Tebrau City Jusco with Eve and Soo Suen. We had lunch at a ramen shop I am not sure what's the name and we walk around the whole day. But the most fun was we took a lot of photos with the photo machine. Was much more cheaper than the one in City Square. And effects are really good except they have auto enlargement for eyes and looks a bit weird but is still alright.

The time flied fast. We spend most of time taking photo and chi chat-ing. We spent up out money with food and photo, we are good girl ain't we? Cause we spent up for fun and memory not on goodies XD

Anyway I am kind of tired. Just want a little update since I skip my last 2days' update.
I'll try to update more often if i have something interesting. So well good night everyone.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Hey hey it's a kind of late post today. But I actually woke up at 8pm D: I slept for like a night and a day.. But never mind. I finished up my iphone case DIY just now. Was not really good for the first try but since is first try better than nothing. I spent about an hour finishing the case. Hopefully the next one will be better :D

Although there is quite a lot of glue marks but is not really obvious on my little black iphone. so i will probably use it i think =D

Saturday, December 17, 2011

17/12/2011- A day in Singapore with Peeko

Was a great day in Singapore with Peeko =) Although the weather is a bit bad in the afternoon with the rain and all but still we have fun chatting. Was really tiring as we walked a lot. And sorry Peeko, for bringing to a wrong way. Hope you enjoyed today.

My plan in Singapore was mainly to 1; meeting Peeko. 2; meeting my aunts and 3; get rhinestones to DIY my iphone case.
I finish my plan well and get what should have get.

First thing in the morning. I left house and went to Bukit Indah to get the bus. I took CW6 to Boon Lay. It goes towards Gelang Patah and then to Boon Lay. It took nearly an hour. Which is quite fast.

After getting off the bus which is Boon Lay, Jurong Point Shopping Centre is just by the side. I went in with my mum, first toilet second breakfast.

After breakfast we walk around to wait for my aunt.

I search a lot of rhinestones on websites about where the shops and all. Today, I went to 2 of the shops. One is in Arab St [Bugis]. Which was pretty ok with the prices. But I realize the one I got in Jurong point Shopping Central [ Boon Lay] was also quite good.

This is some of what I got from Jurong Point Shopping Central.

After meeting aunt, I left and travel towards to Bugis to meet up Peeko. She was with her parents having lunch at farrer park. Then we decide to meet back in Bugis MRT station which where I should meet her up. Before she came I went to the rhinestones store which is know as Kin Lee & company which is down at Arab St. I grab some of the rhinestone which I wanted also.
And I head back to the station and Peeko is here! We met up and we decide to travel to Orchard.

Orchard was very busy today.With lots of people shopping, I guess because Christmas and New year is coming up! It took us about 10 minutes to reach. Was a station from Bugis to City Hall and then change to North South line, three station from city hall to Orchard. We walk a lot in Orchard road. From about 2pm till 5.30pm only we left. First we walk all the way from the Orchard MRT station to Orchard Central Point, Mandarin Orchard. Was raining so we sort of slow down.
First thing we got, and which is also why I wanted to visit that shopping central was STICKY CANDY. It's just and the left side from the entry door.

After sticky candy we walk up to the upper floor and came down just to look around. Then the journey continues to Takashimaya. I saw this Japanese Cake. I brought a size M one for breakfast tomorrow. And we continue to Ion Orchard. We were trying to get a place for tea time. But seriously there was too many people we couldn't find a place with seats. Around 5pm, we finally settle down at a fast food shop near the MRT. We had some snack and we left around 5.30pm.

the japanese cake and sicky candy.

After separate from Peeko, I went to Queenstown by MRT to meet my aunt. We had dinner around that area. Was dumplings and soups and a lot more. I really enjoyed the dinner. Finish up dinner aunt drop my mum and me at Boon Lay and we took CW6 back to JB.

Was a great time catching up with my 2 aunts and 3 little cousin. Also Peeko, I hope you enjoyed your day, take care and I shall see you soon.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


It has been ages after my last update.  I know, it's always this word with my every update. I sort of forgot about my blog here. I was super bored and moody viewing lots of profiles on facebook. And I saw my dear sis, Soo Suen's blogspot then I remembered I actually use to have one. Since I am moody I should actually update here and speck all I want here.

The 'thing' that really made me moody was just a small matter. I seem a bit childish with this and somewhat stupid. I realize something in Melbourne which should call it a so true matter.
This matter happen long ago. Which was like I lost some stuff in my homestay family, and for sure, there is no one gonna own up. There was this housemate telling me what she also lost and she got enough of this bla bla bla and all. And today I realize one of the shirt that I lost is with her. She was wearing it and took a photo and uploaded on facebook. I know it's just a shirt. Nothing much right? But I am so moody and somehow unhappy about it. I think mainly causing this is because i use to trust her so much. Taking her as a real friend and this is what I've got.

As 2years pass without any review I am sort of regret for going to Melbourne. Cause there is too many people cannot be trusted out there. The friends in Malaysia should be the only ones called the real friends.But I still got a few good friends in Melbourne. So I am kind of stuck with what I am thinking.

As I grow up I realize friends will always quarrel and having misunderstanding ones a while. I am sorry if I hurt you before but I'll never bite you so please don't stay away from me. Tell me if you are unhappy and also forgive me because I am sometimes unreasonable.

Comparing to last 2 years, this year I have much more catch up with my old friends. Especially the old classmates and school. Hmm 8 years of friendship, not pretty long but also not short. Everyone gonna leave soon for their college/uni and even setting up family soon.And myself here is still kind of lost and don't know what to do,

I hope I'll still have my great friends and they wouldn't feel that I am really a big trouble bringing me along their life.

Christine Ler.